In the Distant Earths blog I share news and views on the exciting research aimed at finding life beyond the solar system. The blog includes updates on the related astrobiological research and latest results on extrasolar planets. My goal is to provide more details,  explanation, and context on results than typical press releases and articles do, without getting too technical.

Daniel Apai

Daniel Apai

About Daniel Apai:
I am an Associate Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences at The University of Arizona‘s Steward Observatory and Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. Before moving to the University of Arizona I worked as an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, supporting the Hubble Space Telescope mission. My research focuses on understanding how habitable planetary systems form and on searching for and characterizing exoplanets; I regularly use some of the largest ground-based telescopes as well as the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes.

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  1. Pangeran

    I don’t know much about Exoplanet and despite my irtenest to know about our Solar System better, I think I’ve not done enough to support my that irtenest and get to know about our solar system better. There could be many mysterious out there which is still uncovered by the Scientists and it fascinates me a lot. Each discovery gets us a step closer to connect with other planets.

  2. Yisrael Asper

    Pluto’s moon Charon orbits Pluto so the IAU says it violates the rule about a planet or a dwarf planet having to orbit the sun. Fair enough but Pluto orbits Charon. Both are each others’ moon in the looser sense. If we can be loose and refer to Pluto as a dwarf planet and Charon as a moon why we can’t for the same money say we are already making a special dispensation for the two of them and we might as well call Pluto even a planet if we so choose? Why is it heresy? It would recognize Pluto and Charon as the two most major binaries from the sun to them.


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