One thought on “Exoplanets in the UA Daily Wildcat

  1. Clement

    I dunno…I’ve always tuoghht that generational ships are ultimately self-defeating.Let’s say we launch one at Alpha Centauri, expecting it to arrive within three hundred years. Assuming the people on Earth don’t wipe themselves out, it’s likely that we’ll design and perfect a proper interstellar vessel, possibly using FTL technology, and beat the generationals to Alpha Centauri by decades.Or: we discover a habitable planet in a star system, launch the ship, then later discover that we were wrong and there’s no life-supporting planets there. We’ll have essentially condemned the crew’s who-knows-how-many descendants to death.Unless it looks like it’s the only way to save humanity from some disaster, I say we should keep pushing our resources toward a true FTL ship.


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