Postdoctoral Fellows:

– M. Fang (2017-pres, LPL, The University of Arizona). Disk Winds.

– A. Banzatti (2016-pres, LPL, The University of Arizona). The evolution and dispersal of gas in the planet-forming region of disks

– G. Mulders (2013-pres, LPL, The University of Arizona), Kepler exoplanets and planet formation. 1. A stellar-mass-dependent drop in planet occurrence rates 2. The Snow Line in Viscous Disks around Low-mass Stars 3. An Increase in the Mass of Planetary Systems around Lower-mass Stars 4. A Super-Solar Metallicity For Stars With Hot Rocky Exoplanets 5.Constraints from Dust Mass and Mass Accretion Rate Measurements on Angular Momentum Transport in Protoplanetary Disks

– E. Rigliaco (2011-2014, LPL, The University of Arizona), Disk evolution and dispersal. 1.  Understanding the Origin of the [O I] Low-velocity Component from T Tauri Stars 2. Extending Accretion Diagnostics to the Mid-Infrared Wavelengths

– D. Fedele (2010-2011, Johns Hopkins University), Disk chemistry. 1.Water Depletion in the Disk Atmosphere of Herbig AeBe Stars 2. On the Asymmetry of the OH Ro-vibrational Lines in HD 100546

– V. Roccatagliata (2010-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute), Re-reduction of archival Spitzer/IRS low-resolution spectra, some data included in The protoplanetary disk of FT Tauri: multiwavelength data analysis and modeling

– B. Riaz (2010-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute), Disk structure. The unusual protoplanetary disk around the T Tauri star ET Chamaeleontis

Graduate students:

– R. Fernandes, PhD (2017-pres, LPL, The University of Arizona), Exoplanet Architectures.

– N. Hendler, PhD (2015-pres, LPL, The University of Arizona), Disk Structures. Hints for Small Disks around Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs

– M. Simon, PhD (2013-2015, LPL, The University of Arizona). Tracing Slow Winds from T Tauri Stars via Low Velocity Forbidden Line Emission

– J. Keane, 1st year research project (2012-2013, LPL, The University of Arizona). Herschel Evidence for Disk Flattening or Gas Depletion in Transitional Disks

Undergraduate students:

– N. Hendler, Summer research project (2013-2014, LPL, The University of Arizona). Low EUV Luminosities Impinging on Protoplanetary Disks

– J. Szulagyi, Master thesis (2010-2012, Space Telescope Science Institute). On the Stellar Radiation Field Impinging on Transitional Disk Atmospheres

– L. Szucs, Master thesis, (2009-2011, Space Telescope Science Institute). Stellar-mass-dependent Disk Structure in Coeval Planet-forming Disks

– E. E. Hardegree-Ullman, Honors thesis (2005-2006, Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona). Planet Formation in Binaries

In 2005 and 2008 I was also the NASA Space Grant Mentor of two undergraduate students at the University of Arizona