Research Group

Ilaria Pascucci
Ilaria Pascucci, Associate Professor, Department of Planetary Sciences.

I am interested in understanding the origin and diversity of planetary systems. I am leading multiple studies to characterize protoplanetary disks , how they evolve and disperse, and which of their properties mostly impact the planets that form within. To this end I have used a number of techniques (spectroscopy, spectroastromery, imaging) and observations at multiple wavelengths.





Mulders_0022 Gijs Mulders, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Gijs is characterizing exoplanetary systems  around stars of different masses and identifying properties that reflect initial conditions in disks. See his webpage for more details on his present and past research [Gij’s webpage]






Min Fang, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Min is carrying out optical and near-infrared spectroscopy of richly clustered star-forming regions to investigate the effect of environment on the evolution and dispersal of protoplanetary disks. He is involved in the NASA-supported program “Earths in Others Solar Systems“.





banzatti_a-webAndrea Banzatti, Postdoctoral Researcher.

Andrea is interested in linking the evolution and dispersal of protoplanetary disks to exoplanet compositions. See his website for current and past research [Andrea’s website]






Simon_MollyMolly Simon, Graduate student.

Molly has investigated which physical mechanisms dominate the dispersal of protoplanetary disks. She is also very interested in improving astronomy education and in science outreach.





Hendler NathanialNathan Hendler, Graduate student.

Nathan is interested in establishing the location of snowlines in protoplanetary disks. During his undergraduate work he has gained experience in radio and millimeter observations of disks.






Past Members

Elisabetta Rigliaco, Postdoc, now an independent Fellow at the Padova Observatory in Italy

James Keane, Graduate student, LPL Arizona

Davide Fedele, Postdoc, now Research Staff at the Arcetri Observatory in Italy

Veronica Roccatagliata, Postdoc, now at the University of Munich, Germany

Basmah Riaz, Postdoc, now  at the University of Maryland

Judit Szulágyi, Undergraduate student, now an independent Fellow at the ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Emily Hardegree-Ullman,  Undergraduate student, now Graduate student at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute