ASTR-, PTYS-450/550 The Origin of the Solar System and Other Planetary Systems – LPL, The University of Arizona (Fall 2013) [Syllabus]

ASTR-, PTYS-214 Astrobiology: A Planetary Perspective – LPL, The University of Arizona (Fall 2012 and Spring 2013) [Syllabus]

The Formation of Earth and Habitable Planets – OLLI Lecture at The University of Arizona (Fall 2014) [HPlanetFormation]

Star formation and Circumstellar disks  guest lecturer for the graduate-level class “Interstellar Medium” (Prof. D. Neufeld) at the Johns Hopkins University (November 2008) [SF] [CD]

Instructor for the undergraduate Astronomy Laboratory – The University of Heidelberg, Germany (2003-2004)