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X-ray radiation and disk lifetime 

(2016) Stars Pack Big X-ray Punch For Would-be Planets





red dwarf planetMany Kepler planets around low-mass M dwarfs

(2015) Got Planets? Smaller Stars are Best Bet






Pile-up of giant planets due to disk photoevaporation

(2012) Popular Solar System Orbits Result in ‘Planet Pileups’




Disk chemist326845main_spitzerB20090407-516ry 

(2009) Cool Stars Have Different Mix of Life-forming Chemicals

Discovery of ionized Neon in protoplanetary disks 

(2007) Cosmic Neon Lights the Way



ssc2007-02a_TiConstraints on the formation time of giant planets 

 (2007) Gas Giants Form Quickly





pia03048-browsePlanet Formation in Brown Dwarf Disks

(2005) NASA’s Spitzer Finds Failed Stars May Succeed in Planet Business 

(2002) Disks Around Failed Stars – A Question of Age